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Coffee Blends

Blends combine two or more varieties to bring out the best in each. The result is an entirely new taste not found in straights. This is where the skill and experience of Marylou's blenders and tasters make a difference between the ordinary and the outstanding. NOTE: MARYLOU'S FAMOUS REGULAR IS LISTED HERE.
San Francisco Blend
A touch of old San Francisco, this coffee is San Francisco’s coffee drinkers number one choice where the renowned coffee drinkers in the United States have been for the last hundred years. This incredible tasting coffee is only offered at Marylous! per 1 LB.
Marylou's Famous Regular Coffee
Otherwise known as the 'Best COFFEE in Town.' A special combination of coffees from Colombia, Brazil and Central America, was carefully selected by Marylou when she opened her first store in 1986. 'This is the coffee that Made us Famous'. per 1 LB.